If You Were A Tree – Modebola Olowu

8 Jan

Have you ever wondered what your story would be if you were a tree?

What type of tree exactly, would you have wanted to be?

Would it be the tree with your favourite type of fruit?

Or the tree that’s got strong trunks, with enough branches to give shades

Or perhaps that kind of tree that is so pretty with flowers that can put smiles on worrisome faces.

Well, for a very long time, this thoughts had ran formula one races in my mind, it just always presented itself and It wasn’t until I shared it with a friend one night, he strongly advised I shared it with others.

So, if you have never asked yourself this question, I am glad you are reading this article and if you have ever had this thought or asked yourself, then I am happy to say, you are one of the awesome deep thinkers the creator blessed the world with.

A trees’ growth cycle can be amazing to track, from its leaves shedding, to its re-flowering in spring, its posterity features, its very existence benefits and many more. Since the beginning of time, nature lovers have long observed trees to denote potent signs of life, death, and renewal. We see trees as responsive beings, just like us; they feel pain, bleed when they are hurt and we innately feel a deep connection to them.

I particularly would have loved to be a Palm Tree, with so much usefulness, provision and prosperity.

Hence, this article is more of a self-examining and therapeutic piece, so don’t be too uptight in finishing it too soon. Go with the flow and answer the questions consciously; because every answer has even a deeper level of meaning than you being a tree in the first place.

It gives you an insight and guides the knowledge to knowing/remembering your strength, purpose and definitely your weaknesses.

So, you know the kind of tree you would love to be and why, then the next question will be;

1.    What part of your body would be the root? Is it going to be your heart, legs or like one of my friends answered ‘Her Hair’, (the answers are relative but mind-reflecting).

2.    What part of your body would be the leaves and bark?

3.    What part would be the branches? – It’s obvious a lot of people would go with their arms here. Lol!

4.    Most importantly. This is where I pay most attention to people’s answers, ‘What would be your fruit?

We as humans or super human beings are living trees, we have the ability to provide even more than the static trees, we are what I would call the Universal modern trees… Because we move with so much to give and present to the universe, even though sometimes we never know what we are capable of doing or giving at first.

Let’s look at the basic advantages of a tree…

1.    It provides shades for us and even homes to some birds & other animals

2.    It provides lots of items for health benefits (bark for herbs, leaves for tea etc.)

3.    It provides support (lots of lumbers used for construction and renovations) and reduces pollution etc.

The beauty of this, is that you can do so much more than a basic tree can do or provide… I am quite certain some of us must have done equal to this three (3) basic pros and if not even more.

First let’s examine you, ‘your roots‘… The best answer for your root would be your core/your source. An ancient Chinese philosophy believes the heart is the root of any human, its where the source of life itself is drawn from, both your thoughts of good and evil, its conceived in the heart, you can’t give what you don’t have. It’s impossible! You draw so much energy from the roots, it keeps you living, going and ready for another challenging day of whirlwinds and storms. It keeps you solid and unshakeable, it’s what you feed it, it will produce; it’s your genuine self, your raw power house and illuminator, once it’s dead… It’s over!

Reflect: How can you keep your roots growing right to keep you going, not just for yourself, but for those that have been set on the part for you to help. (In this case those that will eat/be nourished from the fruits you bear)

Secondly, ‘your leaves, barks and branches‘… Will they burn people in the faces, tear skins or bring relief, healing and soothing effects. Let your leaves, barks and branches be the key to providing others with coverings and shades, we naturally have the ambience of serenity and amity when walking in the shade of trees; so, if the trees can provide them for us, you also can. Your arms were not rolled back or meant for you to hug yourself alone, but created to easily plunge forward, so you can know they are the true measure of reaching out, either you are typing an article you want to share or giving out a gift, everything you give is an effort of the arm moving forward, you provide shades unto others by caring for them, helping them, giving, providing words of hope, healing and encouraging them.

Reflect: If some things have happened to you in the past, that’s stopped you from stretching forth your arms to others to help or for providing shades for them, then it’s time to ask for discernment , to know when & how to do it right and always remember there is balm in Gilead.

To wrap this up is my personal favourite, this one helps me define people even before they put in any effort to define themselves… As the word says ‘By their fruits we shall know them’ It’s sometimes safe to say your gifts are your talent, but I like to believe your fruits can come in different ways, either in your way of giving back, how you affect others, your personality and what comes from you… your words, gestures and being. Your fruit is what you give the world.

Reflect: Think about the best fruit you have ever had or the prettiest flower you have ever seen and imagine all that been an item you produced. This wonderful thing that is giving you so much joy was produced by a tree or sentient being.

In all, there is a lot you can do and give, just like a good tree… You are way much more than you can ever be, you are not just some random child born to pass exams and take on the best jobs, neither were you born to suffer or go through lost causes, if an ordinary tree can be so good to man, then you do not have any excuse not to be useful, most especially unto others… The creators definitely given you a purpose that is greater than that of a tree and if you don’t want to be cut down like a bad tree; Then, I think this is your wake-up call!

 “If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches on the same tree’’

-W.B Yeats.

Make it a purpose driven 2019!



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